South Coast Rugby Championship South Coast Rugby Championship
Sunday, 29 November 2015

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     South Coast Rugby Union – season 2014

     5 teams – 3 rounds.

     Batemans Bay, Broulee, Bombala, Milton & Bay Red



                       Home team named first on draw


Sat 19th April 2014

Easter Long weekend

Sat 26th April

Anzac Weekend

Rd 1.  3/5/2014

Milton  v  Broulee

Bombala v Batemans Bay

Bay Red - bye

Rd 5.   14/6/2014

Broulee v Bombala

Batemans Bay v Bay Red

Milton - bye


Rd 11.  26/7/2014

Milton  v  Broulee

Bombala v Batemans Bay

Bay Red - bye

Rd 2.  10/5/2014

Bay Red v Milton   1.30pm

Batemans Bay v Broulee 3.00

Bombala - bye

Rd 6.  21/6/2014

Broulee v Milton

Batemans Bay v Bombala

Bay Red - bye

Rd 12.  2/8/2014

Bay Red v Milton    1.30pm 

Batemans Bay v Broulee  3.00

Bombala - bye

Rd 3.   17/5/2014

Bombala v Milton

Broulee v Bay Red

Batemans Bay - bye

Rd 7.   28/6/2014

Milton v Bay Red

Broulee v Batemans Bay 

Bombala - bye

Rd 13.   9/8/2014

Bombala v Milton @ Narooma

Broulee v Bay Red

Batemans Bay - bye

Rd 4.   24/5/2014

Bay Red  v Bombala

Milton v Batemans Bay

Broulee  - bye


Rd 8.    5/7/2014

Milton v Bombala

Bay Red v Broulee

Batemans Bay - bye

Rd 14.   16/8/2014

Broulee v Bombala

Batemans Bay v Bay Red

Milton - bye


Sat 31st May & Sun 1st Jun


  Zone Rep team training


Rd 9.  12/7/2014

Bombala v Bay Red

Batemans Bay v Milton

Broulee - bye

Rd 15.   23/8/2014

Bay Red  v Bombala @ Narooma or Bega

Milton v Batemans Bay

Broulee  - bye         


7th June 2014

 “June Long weekend”

Representative Rugby at   Jindabyne

Rd 10.  19/7/2014

Bombala v Broulee

Bay Red v Batemans Bay

Milton - bye





   30th August 2014 – SEMI FRINALS – Major & minor


   6th September 2014 – FINAL


  13th September 2014 – GRAND FINAL – 1ST Grade



The South Coast Representative Team 2013 has been announced to contest the 'Brumbies Provincial Championship' Tournament at Batemans Bay over the June Long Weekend. Congratulations to the following players;


David Silversides ©         Batemans Bay

James Bell                        Batemans Bay  

David Fleming                  Broulee

Simon Davies                    Milton

Andrew Rutherford           Bombala

Joel Watson                       Narooma

Ash Kenny                          Batemans Bay

Jack Pritchard                    Broulee

Peter Ngarima                   Batemans Bay

Sam Hornby                       Broulee

Terry Lee                             Broulee

Mitch Madison                  Milton

Andrew Fleming               Batemans Bay

Tom Pritchard                    Broulee

Tyronne Thomas              Narooma

Hayden Stirling                  Milton

Jesse Piekar                       Milton

Sean Stenhouse                 Narooma

Bede Mcneill                      Broulee

Jack Pritchard                    Broulee

Charlie Nye                         Broulee

Jermaine Ballingarry       Narooma


Coach                                    Matthew Ryan

Manager                              Emme Papalli

Trainer                                  Rob Small


Saturday 8th June - South Coast v Monaro at Batemans Bay @ 3.00pm
Sunday 9th June - South Coast v Southern Inland at Batemans Bay @ 2.00pm

Monday 10th June - Monaro v Southern Inland at Batemans Bay @ 11.00am










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